A virtual private network or VPN is an encrypted connection over the internet from a device to a network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted. It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allow the user to conduct the work remotely and smoothly. VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments. A VPN extends a corporate network through its encrypted connections made over the internet. Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels. An employee can easily work outside the office premises and still securely connect to the corporate assigned network. Even the smartphones and tablets can easily connect through a VPN.

VPNs are the most used method for ensuring that data transmission over the internet are both private and secure. People and multiple businesses are signing up for VPN services to assure the highest level of security to maintain their anonymity. If you are in the digital niche, there is a fair share of products and services that you can promote to increase your income through monetization and affiliate marketing. You can join any number of best affiliate program, advertise their services to your own users and make a great amount of money.

Secure Remote Access Provides a Safe, Secure way to Connect users and devices Remotely to a Corporate Network.

It includes VPN technology that uses strong ways to authenticate the user or device. VPN technology is available to check whether a device meet certain requirements, also called as devices posture before it is allowed to connect remotely. Traffic on the virtual network connection is sent securely by establishing an encrypted connection across the internet known as a tunnel. VPN traffic from a device such as computer, tablet or smartphone is encrypted as it travels through this tunnel.

 CONSUMERS: use VPN to keep their online activities private and secure to ensure that their internet experience is free from theft or outside interference.

COMPANIES VPN: company use VPN to connect far living workers/employees. They all use the same local area network at a headquarter but with fewer individual benefits then a personal VPN.

What Is A Vpn Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of VPN affiliate programs that one can easily join to promote the VPN services and get recurring commissions each month. You can advertise your work and services on platform and earn good money. They pay their partners a very high commission rates, and with recurring sales, commissions keep increasing.

Hence, VPN affiliate marketing generates higher revenue for your partners. There are many better affiliate programs, and selecting the best one is confusing. We have got experience and been through several such programs to distinguish between the best affiliate programs available for users.

Affiliates can earn generous revenue shares on these VPN affiliate programs, with recurring commission rates averaging around 40%. Add on the fact that most VPN providers offer steep discounts to get their users on multi-year plans, and your average order value skyrockets. If company help their audience to choose the right VPN for their needs, you gradually increase your chance of making recurring commissions through subscription renewals.

Benefits And Pros Of Vpn:

If your privacy and security are very important to you, then you should use a VPN each time you connect. A VPN application works in the background of your device, so it will not get in the way no matter what you are doing online like browsing, chatting, gaming and downloading. And you can have a relaxed mind knowing that your privacy is always protected.

1. Changes Location:

You can change and mask your IP address by using a VPN, the unique number which identifies you and your current location in whole world. This new IP address makes it appear that you are in the location you choose when you connect with a VPN like in U.K, Canada, Japan or any other country if that VPN service has server located there.

2. Protects Privacy:

Changing your IP number with a VPN enables protecting your original identity from the websites, applications, and services you want to track. Good VPN also help to prevent your ISP, cellular operator and anyone else who might be listening from observing your activity, thanks to a strong layer of encryption.

3. Increase Security:

Using a VPN protects you from security breaches in several ways, including packet tracking, rogue Wi-Fi networks, and many man-in-the-middle attacks. Travelers, remote workers and all type of people use a VPN when on an untrusted network, like a free public Wi-Fi network.

Best Vpn Affiliate Programs:

Below mentioned are the list of best VPN programs that user can avail to try and earn.

1. Cyber Ghost:

Ninety-six percent of VPN websites that we analyzed were happy to recommend cyber ghost, although only two of those named it in their top two virtual private network providers. The company is owned by Kape Technologies, the same folks who own express VPN and PIA, which also made to our top 10.

Its VPN affiliate program pays up to 100% commission on monthly sales and 45% on annual subscriptions referred within the 45 days’ cookie window, which Cyber Ghost describes as the “most competitive earnings in the industry” special commissions are offered to high performing affiliates.

As with most VPN solutions, Cyber Ghost prices vary based on the subscription length, its most popular plan runs for three years and three months and currently costs $89.31. so, that is a commission of around $40 per sale. Cyber Ghost has a dedicated team of experienced affiliate account managers to help you promote VPN services more effectively. It also offers affiliate access to customized graphics and landing pages, as well as real performance statistics and notifications about upcoming promotions.

2.  Surf Shark:

Surf shark has to be the best VPN affiliate program and there are multiple reasons that it consists of pretty much all the features that you are looking for in an ideal VPN affiliate program. The best part about Surf shark is the fact that it offers 40% commissions on every new sale which is definitely something beyond exceptions. This gives you the biggest opportunity to avail if you are looking for good passive income to earn.

Talking about the affiliate cookie duration, the cookies last for 30 days which is again a super plus feature. The minimum pay out threshold that Surf shark comes with is $100, making it one of the best affiliate programs so far. On the whole almost all the countries of the world have easy access to Surf Shark because of which it comes in 17 different languages and can easily be run on all type of devices.

With Surf Shark, in addition to all of this you also get provided with your personal account manager who is always there for any of your queries and you can get all the sales and integration tips that you need for the success of your business.

3.  Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is a pocket friendly solution that keeps the internet reachable and anonymous. This VPN solution providing service has been present since 2012 and now serves and support 12 million customers worldwide. Indeed. Nord VPN has become a common household brand in technology and online privacy providing circles.

They offer their users around $10 each month to install Nord VPN on their windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. However, you can also synchronize your router to use Nord VPN, providing a tough layer of protection between your private data and prying eyes.

The program has an impressive EPC along with a high network earning score on commission junction. As a Nord VPN partner, you get a 40% revenue share for every sale you refer, and a 30-day cookie is also available.

4.  Express VPN:

Express VPN offers software based VPN solutions for Windows, Mac, Apple, Android, Linux devices but they also go on step advance with their browsing extensions. But what sets them different from remaining of the particular field is that they also promote VPN routers that are pre-configured for use with their program services.

A hard-ware based VPN is the most efficient way to overcome the increasing number of geoblocks. In terms of how their service is working, you get 160 servers in 94 countries world wide each with unlimited bandwidth. This VPN affiliate network is in-house, so you need to apply direct but you will generally receive a response from your affiliate team within 2-3 days. But its totally worth the extra effort, as you can earn up to $6 per sale. Payments are made monthly via PayPal with a minimum withdrawal of 4100, but bank transfer is also offered if you earn more than $1,000/ month in profit or commissions of your sale.

5. Privado VPN:

Privado VPN has made quite an impression in its short time in existence, providing fast speeds and advanced security to users for excellent prices. They have a free account that gives users 10GB of data every month and allow them to connect up to one device at a time to the network, and several paid plans with unlimited data and up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Of course they also use 256-bit-AES encryption and have just rolled out new ad blocking and malware protection features that keep your browsing safe and free of excessive clutter. Since they are based in Switzerland, Privado VPN users benefit from the world strongest consumer protection laws.

6.  Avast:

Avast affiliate program is a very popular and reasonably powerful antivirus suite for computers used at homes. Almost every new computer sold today comes with one of these anti virus packages that starts with the letter “A” because of this Avast has round about 435 million users worldwide. Avast offers its virtual private network as a unique service priced at $80/year.

In this program there is no monthly option available. For this price, up to 5 devices can use a secure, unlimited VPN with their server in 34 different locations around the globe for a full year. They also give a 7-day free trial of ‘secure-line’ which is worth putting in your affiliate content website. Promoting this VPN network offer means a 35% payment for every purchase that you can make. In the case of annual price plan for Avast VPN everyone who signs up get a commission of $7 in their wallet.

7.  Fastest VPN:

Fastest VPN may not be a VPN service that you are immediately familiar with, but they have made their mark on the market. This program is quite new and that is why they like to sell VPN service for only 0.83 cents/month. But users have to pay 5 years in prior to get this discount. Plus, you are paying $10 a month for getting a regular virtual private network package, which is the usual norm these days.

However, this company offers much more then most VPN solutions like it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple, and Android devices it can also connect almost 10 devices simultaneously to its 150 servers in 35 different countries without logged activities a built-in ad blocker and anti-malware functions.

So overall, they seem to offer great value for money. This program includes offering huge generous commission for their products range, and promoters receive a 60% share of each negotiated sale, along with a 90-day cookie and a special landing page for traffic.

The undoubted truth is that 77% of VPN applications are best described as being highly unsafe. If briefly said, there is no such thing as a good free-of-cost VPN solution they all contain number of flaws usually the serious ones. So its up to the user that which side they prefer to go either free of cost or they want to purchase the safest one to use.

Finding the right VPN affiliate program effectively boils down to your needs and expectations. However, since its never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket, we would say you should use several different VPNs to increase your experience. The best is to pick the ones with the highest commissions and longest cookie lengths and also go for those that can be managed with affiliate platforms like CJ affiliate and ShareSale.



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