Forex, or foreign exchange, trading is a booming industry. Driven by a rise in people interested in investing and trading, the sector has seen its exponential growth alongside other alternative investment options like crypto currency. Forex stands for foreign currency and exchange and is a portmanteau of both. The foreign exchange also known as FX is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies. The forex market seems opaque to the beginner trader, yet it offers many opportunities to make money.

Among many of the unique features of forex trading market is that it trades 24 hours a day. Unlike stocks, which are limited to national exchange, currencies are traded on exchanges all around the world. Forex market has tremendous liquidity, which makes it suitable for large institutional investors looking to take gigantic positions in market. Affiliate networks and their offers reward successful referrals to online forex brokers, traders and platforms. Forex affiliate network connect publishers with specific services on CPA, revenue share or other business models.

With the world wide reach of finance, commerce and trade, forex market are some of the largest and most profitable in the world. The forex market has the highest national value of daily trading, providing excellent liquidity. Forex affiliate networks are particularly beneficial for those with a large and growing social media presence or another online platform. Whether it’s a blog or a YouTube channel with a healthy number of subscribers, a trading portal, or some other widespread online presence they allow you to generate a passive income. In other words, a revenue stream that you don’t have to put a great deal of time and effort into to see results.

Best Forex Affiliate Program?

A Forex affiliate is a marketer who promotes a specific product or service offered by someone else. The marketers earn a commission if the promotion or referral they generated results in a purchase. Generally, forex affiliate marketing is where you direct traffic and other traders to an external broker’s site and trading platform. Specifically, it occurs if the customer clicks through the provided link, sign-up and then funds a new account in the process.

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is a crucial tool to engage consumers with products and the demand is growing. Doing affiliate marketing in forex niche is pretty similar to the other niches. Except for one very important detail. Commissions are lifetime and much higher then the others. All the user has to do is be able to see investors needs and deliver them value. Forex affiliation is a business model that anyone can apply. Forex introducing broker is a partnership program offered by almost all forex brokers, which allows individuals or businesses to get earning by referring traders to brokers. Partners will start receiving commissions when referred clients open an account and start trading. Becoming an introducing broker is simple and straight forward.

The process is simple once you sign up on one of these platforms, then you are given a unique affiliate link. You share this link on your blog or social media profiles. Someone who clicks on the link have a “cookie” stored in their browser, if they register and deposit funds into their account then you profit in the process.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Forex affiliate marketing is a vast industry, and its prospering so there are a lot of opportunities.
  • There are very few berries to entry, and its easy to get started. Signing up for a program is quick and anyone with a social presence can be highly influential.
  • Learning the art of marketing takes time, but you don’t need a wealth of experience to start Forex affiliate marketing. Optimizing and improving your content is your experience and it only grows.
  • You don’t need to quit your job and can make passive income throughout the day. The first few months can even lead to a full-time job.

Cons Of Affiliate Marketing:

  • you don’t control the Forex affiliate marketing programs, you are dependent on the merchant’s rules and must respect their unique conditions.
  • Establishing a customer base is impossible as a repeat customer wont purchase from you again, the affiliate vendor can reap the rewards.
  • The hijacking of affiliate links is possible, this is where a fraudster gets your commission and runs away with it, although keep in mind this is not an everyday occurrence.

How Does it Works?

Affiliate marketing works when a customer signs up via directly promoted link. However, the promotion can be across multiple platforms, from blog posts to YouTube videos, Twitter and even Facebook. The general perception is that you cant make “real” money from forex affiliate marketing that is not the case and typically comes from people who have not tried it and don’t intend to do so.

Those that keep going and upgrading their skills can potentially quit their day job with enough practice.

How To Choose Best Forex Affiliate?

For a start, the type of forex broker affiliate programs will dictate what you are capable of earning more than anything. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Choose standard forex affiliate program because it will be ideal for individuals with a significant social media presence.
  • Choose white label partnerships like bank and investment companies in mind who offer day trading service without any specific platform.
  • Having referral programs like all about bringing new clients to a forex trading partner. Even sometimes have access to promotional tools and content packages to help you along.
  • Your referees need to match with your partner like must see that broker is fully regulated and has a world wide reach.

Top Forex Affiliate Programs:

Following is the list of most common and popularly availed forex affiliate programs.

1. In The Money Stocks:

In the money stocks is the brainchild of two professional traders, Gareth Soloway and Nicholas Santiago. Well, they developed their own proprietary trade alert software so they are not just putting a layer of makeup on Meta Trader 4 like they also claim to have a 94% success rate with their predictions. That’s what has made them a household name amongst trading professionals and newcomers alike. Even the visitors to the site can also get free trade ideas by email. It might be useful when encouraging people to click on your affiliate links.

Based on their average order value, you will earn $21 per transaction. Which seems good to the users. But if you sell one of their high end products that can increase to closer to $200 per transaction. They have the cookie duration of around 90 days.

2.  Admiral Markets:

Admiral markets is an award winning Forex broker that’s been in an operation for almost 20 years. Signing up for their platform gives you access to an industry leading trading service where you can easily trade across 3,000 of the most popular stocks but also Forex and Crypto.

You can choose to trade either on Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5, safe in the knowledge that their servers are strategically placed to offer the lowest latency. You will need to make a minimum deposit of $100 to get started, but they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange, so your visitors cash is safe. They also offer numerous withdrawal methods, including Skrill, Master card and Wire Transfer. Companies like Admiral Markets are more than happy to reward their affiliate handsomely for sending them good leads. It means earning up to $600 for people who sign up through your affiliate link.

3. Forex Trendy:

When it comes to earning money from Trading Forex pairs, some people want to learn the foreign exchange market inside out and upside down. They want to immerse themselves in their new hobby or career. Even others simply want to buy something that will track multiple currency pairs, in real time and tell them when is a good time to either buy or sell.

Forex trendy scans more than 30 Forex pairs, showing you trends down to every 60- seconds. Doing this thing manually would be an absolutely massive pain in ass, so you are selling the benefit of freeing up time here. All this is cloud-based and it wont interfere or slow down your existing trading software setup.

The baseline commission payout is around $24 per sale. However, your referral decides to purchase some of the up-sells then the average amount you will earn per sale is over $140. This is a very niche software product, but also one with proven demand. Its overall cookie duration is 60 days.

4. FPM Glob:

FPM global, forex affiliate marketing network can find multiple financial offers under one digital roof. That obviously include one forex program that is Forex club. This award winning Forex broker has been around since 1997, with almost 100 offices dotted around the world. So its easy to say that its not fly-by-night operation.

In addition to their online trading platform, they also sell training courses to help both new and experienced Forex traders take their knowledge and skills to the next level. Your visitor can choose from a wide range of products and indices to trade in, get fast support and enjoy instant fund withdrawals. Being able to sign up with an affiliate network like FPM Global vs. Vanilla Forex affiliate program has a couple of perks.

The first of here is stability, the other is the financial resources to entice affiliates to promote their offers. It offers up to US$1,200 per sale. Their cookie duration varies widely.

5. Ticker Toker:

Ticker Toker is the platform where you can get real time ideas for trades while also modifying your skills and learning new strategies. Winning a slew of awards for being one of the best and most innovative fintech companies of the last few years. Its also registered with the US SEC, so there can be no shenanigans at work behind the scenes.

And its cool part is that its suitable for traders no matter what level they are at, from complete beginners to somebody trading for a living. Ticker Toker is also available via their apps for iOS and Android devices so you can take your Forex trading on your mobile. These traders get the generous 30% commission rate to work with and based on their average order value of $82 you can expect to make $24 per sale. Their whole cookie duration is 90 days.

6. Infinite Profit System:

The infinite profit system is part of the tradeology brand and builds on the success of their previous programs and systems. What you basically get is a signals based trading and training program, its not a Forex broker or a trading platform. The software monitors every currency pair and then provides signals for the optimum time to buy or sell.

Its also important to mention that this is not just another bot or “automation” systems you have to do the trades manually. This product is aimed more at beginners though, but the perk here is that your visitors don’t need any background in currency trading to get started. As the time of writing you will earn an average of $31 per sale for promoting this Forex affiliate marketing offer. Which means an average payout of $249 per sale for you. The total cookie duration is 60 days.


Orbex is a licensed and regulated Forex broker that is been in operation for almost a decade. The visitors will get peace of mind by knowing that their deposited funds are safe. It’s a Forex trading platform that uses Meta Trader 4, but also allows you to trade on your smartphone and tablet.

Even you can choose to test the waters with a demo account or deposit US$200 to get started with your “standard account”. They also offer Islamic trading account and almost instant online withdrawal to your payment destination of choice. The whole earning is $1,500 per sale would be amazing. Just bear in mind that to earn this you will most likely have to offer a new customer who has around $25k to deposit.

For new comers to the affiliate marketing world, Forex trading affiliates program might appear too technical, specialized and niche to be suitable for beginners. However, many Forex programs are more straightforward then you might expect, with some offering full training to support and guide new affiliates.

While it is a smaller industry then beauty or fitness products, like choosing to join Forex affiliate program can offer a range of benefits and give you access to a growing, focused demographic.



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