20 High Paying Best Health Affiliates Programs

Are you looking forward to choosing any best health affiliate program for yourself? If choosing the best health affiliate program is a hard job for you then there is no need to worry anymore. Here in this article, I will provide you with a complete description regarding the best affiliate programs and criteria that make any health affiliate program suitable to choose in 2023.

Health sector is one of the most potential income generating sectors among all other markets globally. According to Statista revenue in the Global health market is expected to cross 63.90 B$ in 2023. This shows that investing in the health sector never goes out of fashion because a vast variety of people like to spend money on health and wellness.

As we know, every area of life has evolved since the evolution of the internet. Similarly, the health sector has also evolved to provide basic health facilities through the internet. In order to fulfil this desire many health affiliate programs have come to an action. But before going to health affiliate programs it is better to understand affiliate market programs and how do they work?

What are Affiliate Programs?

If we talk about affiliate programs, these are the associate programs that act as third-party platforms which ensures individuals and brands to find and work for each other. Moreover, merchant websites pay a handsome commission to the affiliates to send them adequate traffic. If we dig in to it further, we will see that there are three parties involved in affiliate market customers, affiliate site and merchant site. These three parties work in a close relation to serve each other in the best way possible.

Affiliates programs serve merchant sites by allowing them to create a profile on their platform. After that these programs generate a Unique link which can be shared to site visitors. Whenever a visitor opens that link and purchases any item, affiliates receive an agreed amount of commission. This Commision is usually settled in between both parties at the time of agreement.

In short, we can say that affiliate marketing is a modern term solution to marketing hurdles. It is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising where reaching maximum customers is very easy. These programs provide all kinds of particular services under one roof. And you can enjoy a huge surge in your sales without following any complicated means.

What are Health Affiliate Programs and How do They Work?

Health affiliate program is basically a program that is specific to providing health care facilities. It is responsible to advertise a health brand and their quality products to a vast variety of customers in order to earn a suitable commission. As it is pretty obvious that health care facilities are one of the leading profitable niches in digital affiliate marketing.

This is because of the interest of people to spend an adequate sum of their income on their health and wellness. Moreover, the global pandemic of COVID 19 has also played a crucial role in spreading uses of health affiliate programs. During pandemic these health affiliate programs play a key role in providing health care facilities to a vast variety of people worldwide. This post pandemic world is also focusing on health affiliates programs because their importance is increasing day by day.

Pros and Cons of Health Affiliate Programs:

Like any other affiliate program, health affiliates programs also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of a health affiliate program in detail.


Health affiliate programs have a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below

It is a Low-cost business

It is one of the low-cost businesses. You do not need any huge investment for starting a career as a health affiliate marketer. All you have to do is create a health affiliate marketing website. After that choose products that are relevant for your market. Then sign up for a selected affiliate program and you are ready to start without following any complicated procedure.

You can Pursue it as a Part time Job:

All of those who are looking forward to any part time job. Here is the best option for you. It is easy to work as a health affiliate marketer. Moreover, you can earn a huge revenue by pursuing it as a part time job.

Be your own Boss:

As a health affiliate partner, you usually work independently. It is a kind of free-lancing work where you are not supposed to listen to any words. In short, we can say that if you want to become rich independently without listening to the orders of your boss then go for it.

It is an Over Growing Business:

Another benefit of health affiliate programs is it is an overly growing business. With the modern advancement in different sectors of life these health affiliate programs are also very needed in the health sector. Moreover, they provide advanced and modern solutions to conservative problems regarding health care facilities.

You are Not Supposed to get any Special Expertise:

Starting a career as a health affiliate marketer does not need any kind of special expertise. You are not supposed to take any advanced level of degree to become a health affiliate marketer. Moreover, it is a skill base function which gets better with passing time. So, we can say that all you need to do is focus on your marketing skills. And try to polish them with time.


The disadvantages or cons of health affiliate program are listed below

You can’t fix your revenue

The very first disadvantage of health affiliate programs is you cannot fix the amount of income coming from this mean annually or even monthly. Usually, income from these programs is performance based. So, it is not sure that you will earn the expected amount in targeted time.

You Can’t Control your Competition in Market:

Another disadvantage is that you are unable to control your competition in the world of health affiliate programs. If another program comes with good quality products under less pricing. This can create a problem for you. Apart from that it can affect your sales directly.

Developing Marketing Skills are not very Easy:

However, you are not supposed to take any particular degree for this business but still developing marketing skills is not so easy. You need to polish your skills with passing time. Otherwise, there are great chances that you will leave behind in this race of competition.

Poor Quality Internet Service and Insecure Website can Affect your Business:

And last but not the least the next disadvantage of health affiliate program is can easily be affected with poor quality internet service. Moreover, your website can fall prey to cybercrime. Hackers sometimes hijack the system of health affiliate programs to earn the commission illegitimately.

Criteria to Choose Best health Affiliated Program:

If choosing a health affiliated program is a hectic job for you. Then you surely need a guide that what are the parameters that are necessary to check before choosing a health affiliated program. These basic parameters are discussed here below

Check Cookie Duration:

The very first parameter that you need to keep in focus is check the duration of cookies for that website. Cookie duration is basically a website memory. In short it is the total time duration for which a website will remember the information. So, we can say that the longer the cookie duration is, the more opportunities you have to earn maximum revenue.

Check suitable Commission rate

The next thing that you are in need to keep in focus is check the suitable amount of commission. Because this will set your revenue generated by a single click so it is in better interest for you to set a suitable amount of commission rate. Apart from that do keep sure to check earn per clicks.

Check Payment Methods:

And last but not the least do check the payment method. Because besides generating revenue it is also important how you will receive that payment. So, it is important to check that the mode of payment that a health affiliate program is offering is applicable in your region or not.

Best Health Affiliate Programs 2023:

Health affiliate programs are serving in providing best suitable products to customers. As people are more concerned about their health conditions. So, health affiliate programs have a diverse variety of serving different products related to health and wellness, nutrition, mental health, personal care, skin care and physical fitness etc.

Here in this article you are provided by a list of 20 best health affiliate programs. These are

  1. HealthyWage
  2. NutriProfits
  3. Fanfuel by Wolfson
  4. Market Health
  5. Organic basics
  6. Smart Nora
  7. Just Thrive
  8. Physician Choice
  9. Fit Bit
  10. Mountain Rose Herbs
  11. Diamond CBD
  12. The Vitamin Shoppe
  13. Neuro hacker collective
  14. The lost book of Remedies
  15. Just Thrive Probiotics
  16. SellHealth
  17. KOS
  18. Yuve
  19. Life Line Screening
  20. Plus CBD

1. HealthyWage:

The very first health affiliate program in this list is none other than HealthyWage. The main products of HealthWage are related to weight loss. If you are looking forward to starting your weight loss journey then this affiliate program is all you need.

This program comes with highest motivation challenges which can even lead you to win cash prizes. Moreover, it is offering a handsome amount of commission to affiliate marketers. So, keeping it in mind it is one of the best health affiliate programs.

  • Commission Rate: 50$ per HealthyWager referral and 30$ per Team challenge referral.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.

2.  NutriProfits:

The next amazing health affiliate program in this list is NutriProfits. This health affiliate program is providing different health care products like cosmetics and food supplements. It was launched in 2013 and since then it has been operating in many countries around the world.

Moreover, it comes with a very exciting commission rate for affiliate marketers. Its goal is to support marketing activities of our affiliates and to supply a quality product to their customers

Commission: 40%

Cookie duration: lifetime

3. Fanfuel by Wolfson:

This amazing brand in this list is offering different quality products of general health and wellness of men and women. Their products are helpful in almost all leading problems of health. For Example, their product XYZ Collagen is really helpful in reducing premature ageing.

Moreover, they are offering a broad range of products from fitness to skin and hair care. Their products are really helpful in shaping the body, losing weight and preventing hair loss. They come with extremely good commissions and cookie plans.

Commission:  40%

Cookie duration: 90 days.

4. Market Health:

The next amazing health affiliate program in this list is Market Health. This amazing health affiliate program is offering world leading beauty and wellness products. It comes with a wide range of beauty products and supplements.

This program is offering a wide variety of business opportunities for affiliates. Moreover, their goal is to create the highest converting products on the internet. This amazing program comes with exciting commision and cookie deals.

Commission: 60%

Cookie duration: 30 days

5. Organic Basics:

The next amazing health and wellness related affiliate program in this list is none other than Organic Basics. This is one of the leading brands in developing organic and eco friendly clothing articles. This brand has come up with the solution of controlling waste products related to the fashion industry.

Moreover, their main achievement is developing durable clothes that are suitable to wear for a lifetime. Apart from this they are offering a wide variety of clothes for men and women both. Besides this they are creating a suitable environment for affiliate marketer because of their amazing commission rates.

Commission: 10 to 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Smart Nora:

One of the best health affiliate programs that is on number 6 spot on this list is none other than Smart Nora. Are you fed up by the sound of your partner’s snoring? Or it is embarrassing for you to disturb the sleep of others through snoring, then this Smart Nora is all you need.

Smart Nora’s patented technology helps stop snoring for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. By detecting early signs of snoring, Smart Nora gently adjusts your sleeping position to resume natural breathing. Moreover, it helps to stop snoring by gently moving the pillow. This amazing health care brand also takes care of affiliate marketers through its amazing commission plans.

Commission: 6% for every sale

Cookies duration: 30 days

7. Just Thrive:

The next amazing health affiliate program on this list is none other than Just Thrive. It is one of the leading brands of health care related issues. They Encourage your audience to pay attention to their gut health with the Just Thrive Affiliate program. They are providing a wide range of Probiotics, dietary supplements and pet probiotics.

Just Thrives offers a diverse range of diet supplements that does not interfere with any dietary preference. Moreover, their products are safe for vegetarians and for those who follow paleo and keto diets. It is also taking care of their affiliate marketers with their amazing commission offer. That’s why it is considered as one of the best health affiliate programs.

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 180 days

8. Physician Choice:

Another best health affiliate program in this list is Physician Choice. This brand also comes with a wide range of vitamins, probiotics and skincare products. If you have a following interested in the topics of skincare, better sleep, and weight loss, Physician’s Choice is an excellent affiliate program to promote.

Moreover, it is offering an extremely good commission percentage. This affiliate health program is no doubt one of the best health affiliate programs because of its easy payment method. After reaching the threshold of 100$ you can receive your payment.

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

9. Fit Bit:

The next best affiliate health program in this list is none other than Fit Bit. It is a well-known brand producing products related to fitness. This enables people of modern society to enjoy the integrated features of technology and physical fitness through amazing electronic items.

Fit Bit is offering a free membership and creative marketing assets through its affiliate program. Upon approval of your membership, you can promote Fitbit’s banners and unique affiliate links on your website. This program is open to marketers in the United States. However, their commission rate and cookie duration is not that much appealing.

Commission: 3%

Cookie duration: 15 days

10. Mountain Rose Herbs:

After describing amazing health affiliate programs above here is another amazing health affiliate program, Mountain Rose Herb. As the name indicates that this brand deals with most organic supplements for better health and wellness in the form of dried herbs.

They have a vast variety of organic products including herbs, herbal extract, teas and essential oils etc. Their products are widely liked by customers because they all are organic with less side effects. Moreover, they also take care of affiliate marketers through their amazing commission rate.

Commission: 10% pe sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days.

11. Diamond CBD:

This is a US based health affiliate program. It is one of the leading health affiliate programs with expected sales somewhere between 15 to $20billion in the next 5 years. Moreover, it is one of the largest suppliers of CBD edibles and ointments in North America.

Their most popular items are CBD gummies, oils, hemp flowers, juices, vape and items related to pet health and bath salts too. Their products have been recognized by a vast majority of American citizens. It is one of the most popular brands in the United States.

So, in short, you do not need to attract more audience in social media because those who have already used their products will definitely use them in future too. This brand is offering a very impressive commission offer to its affiliate marketers. If we sum up this it is no doubt one of the best and reliable health affiliate programs.

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

12. The Vitamin Shoppe:

The next amazing health affiliate program in this list is The Vitamin Shoppe. It is one of the best brands and is providing a vast variety of health care products. If you are interested in getting vitamins, supplements, groceries and all skin care or self care products under one roof. Then The Vitamin Shoppe is definitely a best choice for you.

Apart from this they have a well developed app and more than 700 stores in the United States. They are currently offering a 7 day EPC plan which is very good to avail. Moreover, you can generate an attractive amount of commission through their affiliate marketer friendly policies.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 7 days

13. Neuro Hacker Collective:

Another amazing health affiliate program in this list is Neuro hacker collective. This amazing brand is supplying some extra ordinary mitochondrial and cell fitness supplements. In all honesty people have shifted to smart drugs called nootropics especially after the COVID 19 pandemic.

So, we can say that it is very safe to choose this program. Neuro hacker collective drugs are designed in such a way that they help in making sleep better and mind relax. Moreover, these products are really beneficial to reduce the effect of ageing.

Their health affiliate program is really beneficial for affiliate marketers. You can generate a good amount of commission through this program. In short, as a health affiliate marketer if you want to invest in a program which is up to the standard of recent times then Neuro hacker collection is a best choice for you.

Commission: up to 25% for every sale.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. The lost book of Remedies:

After describing the amazing health affiliate program above here is another unique and extremely interesting program for you. The lost book of remedies is quite different from other conventional health programs. It is basically an eBook that describes solutions to various health issues.

If you are tired of using regular medicines from your doctor and still your health condition is not satisfactory then this eBook is all you need. Apart from this it also provides a guide to grow our own herbs in a suitable manner. This amazing health affiliate program is very beneficial to affiliate marketers. You can surely earn a attractive amount of money through this program

Commission: 75%

Cookie Duration: 60 days.

15. Life Line Screening:

This amazing health affiliate program is offering a very necessary health service. The health service it is providing is preventive health screening on an annual basis. Frankly speaking, all of us need to do a complete body check up on an annual basis to avoid the risk of acquiring serious diseases in future.

Moreover, they are providing a vast variety of screening methods including blood tests, ultra sounds and EKG etc. Collectively they are offering 15 different types of health screening facilities.  Besides this they are offering very amazing commission plans to its affiliate marketers which are surely worthy to take.

Commission: 90$ per booking

Cookie Duration: 60 days

16. SellHealth:

This outstanding affiliate program was started in 2001. Since then, it is one of the best health affiliates programs. This amazing affiliate program is establishing affiliate networks for health and wellness brands.

Moreover, sellHealth is doing very well in this health affiliate program sector due to its 20 years in the health affiliate industry. It is offering almost 50+ high converting offers. Besides this it is currently partnered with more than 100,000 advertisers globally. Apart from this they are currently offering an attractive amount of commission to its affiliate marketers.

Commission: 30 to 60% per sale

Cookie Duration: different for different plans

17. KOS:

Another amazing health affiliate program in this list is none other than KOS. KOS has derived its name from a Greek Island in the Dodecanese chain. This place has very importance in classical Greek history. This brand is offering a wide range of plant based protein and nutritional supplements for good health.

Besides this their products are a safe choice for vegans. This affiliate program is offering a very good amount of commission to its affiliate marketers. In short, we can say that it is one of the best choices for you because of its quality products and outstanding affiliate services.

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days.

18. Yuve:

This unique named health affiliate network is another best choice for you. Yuve means Youth. This outstanding health and wellness brand is promoting a healthy lifestyle in youth through its quality products. They are currently offering natural plant-based supplements, shakes for better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, their products are completely suitable for vegans and are manufactured with 100% organic elements. Those who are not satisfied with GMOs then this is surely what you need. Apart from this they are currently offering best commission offers to its affiliate marketers. You can advertise their products on their websites and social media platforms.

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 60 days.

19.  Life Extension:

Another best health affiliate program in this list is Life Extension. This amazing brand is selling a wide range of Vitamin supplements including skin care products and brain and heart health etc. Moreover, it is one of the  renowned brands in the health care sector.

Besides all this amazing brand is offering great deals for its affiliate marketers. To sum up we can say that it is one of the best health affiliate programs because of its quality products that are worthy to purchase in every means.

Commission: up to 12%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. Plus CBD:

And last but not the least, the health affiliate program that is listed here is Plus CBD. This outstanding health care brand is selling very high-quality cannabis-based health care products. Infact, CBD is one of the 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

Their products are best for betterment of sleep, arthritic pain and anxiety relief. Moreover, this amazing brand is offering great deals for its affiliate marketers. To sum up we can say that it is one the best health affiliate programs for beginners.

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 90 days.

Other FAQs and Queries:

Q: Is choosing a Health Affiliate Program Among all Affiliate Programs a right Choice?

A: Yes, it is a right choice to take a health affiliate program among others because investing in health is something that can never get out of fashion. Many people all around the world love to invest in health care products for their holistic well-being.

Q: Is it the Right Decision to Take an Affiliate Program?

A: Yes, no doubt taking an affiliate program is the right decision. Because affiliate programs are one of the leading sectors in the digital marketing world. So, it is definitely a smart choice to choose an affiliate program.

Wrapping up:

Health sector is no doubt one of the leading areas of affiliate marketing. It provides you with maximum revenue generating opportunities. By choosing the right health affiliate program for yourself, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

By going through this article, you will be able to select the right health affiliate program for yourself. Moreover, it will serve you to know the pros and cons of health affiliate programs. So that you will be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of health affiliate markets in future.

Hope you liked this article. Kindly do give us your valuable feedback in the comment section.


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